Wane wants more discipline in possession from Wigan

Shaun Wane feels that his team did not respect possession enough in their weekend defeat at Hull KR.

Although they lead 20-6 in the second half of the contest, the Warriors ended up losing 22-20, and the coach believes that some hard lessons need to be learned by his players.

“We’ll learn a lot from that game,” he said.

“We’re just being very very dumb.

“In the bits of possession we had, I thought we were very good, we were clinical – they couldn’t hold us.

“But we just didn’t keep hold of the ball long enough.

“So the message is very simple: keep hold of the ball, look after your skill, and we’ll win games.

“We’re not grasping that yet, so it’s been a frustrating week, this week.

“The lads have been in a tough place, and they’re going to improve.

“Our attack was very good, just not consistent.”

The penalty count in the game also worried Wane. He has now spoken to the RFL, however, who have apparently resolved some of his issues.

“I spoke to the RFL, so it’s not concerning me anymore,” he said.

“Some of them weren’t penalties, but I’m okay.

“I’ll always talk to the players about being squeaky clean, but I’ve no concern whatsoever about that now.”

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