Wane: Still areas to work on

Wigan head coach Shaun Wane admitted his side still have room to improve despite a dominant performance away to Warrington on Thursday.

The Warriors ran out 38-16 winners on the way to their fourth straight Super League victory at the Haliwell Jones Stadium.

“I thought we kicked well and our end of sets were good,” he said.

“We dominated field position, but we’re not going to go home and pat ourselves on the back and think everything’s great because they’re a few things we need to fix.”

Wane also expressed his delight at the depth of the squad after losing another group of players during last weekend’s victory over Leigh.

The Warriors are currently without nine first-team players, including John Bateman who has suffered a setback with his shoulder injury and is now expected to be out until June.

“It pleases me when people like Jack Wells score and play well,” he added.

“Romain came off the bench and punched holes into them.

“Everyone knows their job and everyone knows what their role is in attack and defence.”

Despite playing a key role in dictating the tempo of the match and helping Wigan sweep the Wire aside, Wane didn’t think George Williams had the best game.

“He was poor early on and made some poor decision but then come up with some magic on a couple of plays,” he said.

“If I went through his game on every decision he made he can make better choices.”

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