Wane plays down Wigan victory

Wigan boss Shaun Wane insists his team were in a no-win situation when they faced Leeds on Friday.

The Warriors side ran out comfortable 34-0 winners against the heavily-depleted Rhinos, and while Wane was pleased with the result he refused to read too much into into it.

“We knew Leeds were busted – we’re not patting each other on the back, but I liked the manner in which we went about our business in those conditions, which were very testing,” said Wane.

“A 77 percent completion rate was good, some of our defence was very good and we scored some good tries. We’ve got 100 tries this season so we’re doing something okay.

“But we won’t get carried away – next week will be a different challenge.”


  1. I cannot believe that Leeds can get away with fielding a team with so many first choice players missing its not in the true spirit of rugby league

  2. Not very fair on travelling fans to have to pay to watch a glorified A team.And why does Tomkins think he is worthy of being full back for the national team,he is hardly worthy of being full back for Wigan.What little bit of bottle he had before he went to NZ must have been left on the plane on the journey home.Hardaker is ten times better,as is Ratchford and Lomax.

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