Wane believes Hull have an advantage over Wigan

Wigan coach Shaun Wane feels that Hull FC have a slight edge going into the Super League fixture at the DW Stadium on Friday night.

Wigan were taken apart at Castleford last week, while Hull put in fine first-half performance against Leeds, leading 12-0 at half-time, before losing 43-12.

According to Wane, that basically gives Hull a half-game advantage over his own players.

“You look at what they did in the first half [against Leeds], and if they put two halves together like that, then they’ll be unstoppable,” he said.

“They’re a good team. But they couldn’t keep it going.

“You could tell from their coach’s comments after the game that he wasn’t happy with their second half.

“I wasn’t happy with our 80 minutes, so they’ve got an advantage over us.

“They’re coming to us at the DW Stadium, and I want a performance.

“We’ve not talked about winning, but we have talked about certain facets within our game where I want us to improve.”If we do that, we’ll win.”

He added: “They’ll get more confidence out of watching our game [last week] than the other way round.

“I’m not having that. Our players are too good to have people thinking that of them.

“So we need to make sure that teams see the best of us, and no team has seen that yet.”

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