Wane admits Wigan frustration

Wigan coach Shaun Wane has admitted that he has not found the 2016 season especially satisfying.

The Warriors coach feels that the club’s long injury list has meant that many of his plans for the team simply could not come to fruition.

“It’s not been an enjoyable year,” he said.

“We’ve had weeks upon weeks, sometimes months, where key personnel haven’t trained. Every single player has missed periods of training and it just kills the session.

“Everything that you’re practicing, bringing in new things, key players are not getting that because they’re not training but they’re playing in games.

Sam Tomkins has missed a lot of training but he’s shown that toughness and turned up for games, Dom Crosby is the same.

“We’ve not been able to name the same 17 that we practice with. We’re a team that needs to train, we need to train with those individuals and we’ve just not had that.

“This season has been the worst for that by far.”

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