Walsh flying towards St Helens return

Luke Walsh has given St Helens supporters a positive message when it comes to him making his long-awaited return from injury.

The half-back broke his leg last season, and has also undergone surgery on an ankle problem while sidelined.

He is sure that his return to action is coming closer, however, and he thinks he could be back on the pitch in a couple of weeks time.

“Everything is going well, I’m flying and feel really good,” the Australian told his club’s official website.

“I’ve had surgery to remove the metal work in my leg and I am now counting down the weeks.

“When I was putting my foot on the ground, the vibration from the metal wasn’t comfortable so we thought it was best to get it removed. I couldn’t have had that done any earlier because the leg had to heal.

“From the leg break I had a clean out on my ankle and then this because it was unconformable. It’s all good now.

“To be honest I thought I would be back in four months. It was a bad injury so perhaps I was hoping for the best with that one. I didn’t expect it to be as bumpy a ride though!

“It has been a little frustrating especially watching the boys play but hopefully I’m not that far away now. It will be two or so weeks, definitely.

“Everywhere I go I get asked so my message is I will be back soon, that’s all I can say.”

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