Wales and England greats to commemorate 1975 ‘Battle of Brisbane’

Welsh internationals who played in the 1975 World Cup campaign will get together for a special commemorative lunch on June 13 in Bradford.

The occasion is set to mark the 40th anniversary of one of Wales‘s greatest victories over England. Some England greats will also be in attendance.

The 1975 World Cup marked the first occasion when Great Britain was split into England and Wales for the competition.

The tournament ran from March until November, and incuded matches played in both hemispheres.

The campaign also marked the last time that Wales have beaten New Zealand in either code of rugby, 25-24 in Swansea.

England played Wales at Lang Park in Brisbane on June 10, with Wales winning 12-7 in a stormy encounter.

That Welsh win prevented England winning the World Cup.

Wales and Widnes prop Jim Mills later wrote in his autobiography that Alex Murphy had helped spice things up for the game with some comments to the media.

“It was one of those games, playing against team-mates and friends for your country,” said Mills.

“Alex Murphy had been on television the night before and when asked about the Welsh team, he said that none of them are good enough to get into the England team. That set the match up when he said that, everyone was a bit bitter.

“It was a violent game and Mick Morgan, the England hooker, was knocked unconscious and was carried off on three occasions.

“There were a lot of bust ups, it was a hard fought game and the Aussies enjoyed it. They were playing us the following weekend but we didn’t get a chance to recover and were still tired.

“If we hadn’t beaten England, they would have won the World Championship.”

The event is being held as part of the Rugby Football League’s 120th anniversary celebrations and is being staged in aid of the RFL Benevolent Fund. It will include a three-course lunch, a parade of the England and Wales squads, interviews and competitions.

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