Wakefield’s completion and pressure the key for Locke

Kevin Locke was very pleased to be a part of the Wakefield team which ended their long victory drought with a win over Hull FC at Belle Vue on Wednesday evening.

Trinity overcame a 16-6 half-time deficit to win 26-16, and Locke felt that the improvement was down to improving how they did the basics after the interval.

“We just didn’t compete in the first 20 minutes,” he told the Wildcats’ official Youtube channel.

“We knew that if we could just complete and put pressure [on them] then we’d get results.

“That’s what we did leading into the second half.

“It goes to show that if we put pressure on and complete we can put points on the board.”

As for settling in at his new club since his move last week from Salford, Locke is feeling comfortable at Belle Vue.

“It’s good, it’s just like home,” he told the Wildcats’ official Youtube channel.

“There’a few boys who I’ve played with in the past in New Zealand. Everyone in general has made me feel really at home.”

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