Wakefield without Chris Annakin for six weeks

Wakefield forward Chris Annakin strained his ACL in their derby defeat to Castleford and will be ruled out for at least six weeks.

The 27-year-old will not require surgery but will remain in a brace for two weeks. He has large soft tissue odaema (swelling) and bone bruising from the mechanism of injury, but he is quite fortunate not to sustain any further damage.

Annakin is expected to return for Trinity towards the end of June.

Trinity head coach Chris Chester feels for the forward.

He said: “It is disappointing for Chris, he has been biding his time and working hard in training and he finally got his shot on Friday night and to be forced off the field early on is frustrating.

“Fortunately, he hasn’t done serious damage to his ACL and will be back within six weeks.”

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