Wakefield: We backed Smith

Wakefield chairman Michael Carter says the club backed Brian Smith to the hilt and the coach’s resignation left him stunned.

Smith terminated his contract at Belle Vue yesterday in a surprising move just five games into the 2016 season.

Carter said the Australian didn’t give any reasons for his shock departure.

“He didn’t give any reasons,” he said.

“I was a little stunned. I didn’t try and get him to change his mind.

“I think by his manner this wasn’t a decision that wasn’t going to get changed.”

Carter said he and Smith have had a “frosty relationship” for the past three months but declined to elaborate further.

“We’ve had a frosty relationship since Christmas, those reasons will stay with me,” he said.

“We made no secret of the fact that we don’t spend the salary cap. Brian was aware of that when he came across here. We backed him to the hilt.

“I feel we’ve tried our best to back him with everything he wanted. He was the highest paid coach we’ve had. It was the highest playing budget we’ve had.

“Life goes on. These things happen in professional sport. We have to look forward.

“Stu’s [Dickens] in charge of the team this week.”

Wakefield are looking to fill the head coach role quickly, and Carter said he had already received 15 phone calls about the job including overseas interest.

“There’s a vast amount of interest out there so I’m open-minded,” he said.

“I want someone in as quick as possible. We need stability. I don’t feel let down. Brian’s obviously got his reasons for leaving.

“He came across us last year did the job I asked him to do, he kept us in Super League.

“We’ve just got to live with the hand with dealt with. We’ve had much darker days than this. We’ve just got to get on with it.

“There’s no point about bleating about things.”

Carter said he had spoken to several Wakefield players about Smith’s departure.

“They all seem fine,” he said.

“As far as the players are concerned it’s lets get training and ready for Friday.

“I think we’ve shown we’ve got more about us this year than we did last year. [But] yes we have to do better.”

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