Wakefield stadium talks halted

Plans to redevelop the Beaumont League Stadium have been stalled after talks broke down between Wakefield Trinity and Wakefield Council.

The council announced a deal last month that would see Trinity play the season at the Beaumont Legal Stadium before building work redevelops the ground.

Club owners Michael Carter and Chris Brereton had confirmed their agreement to the deal in principle.

However, according to a statement released by Wakefield Council, the agreement has been halted due to rent and control of income over the redeveloped ground.

The statement read: “Wakefield Council announced last month that it would take out a lease on the Belle Vue site to speed up the delivery of the new project, an offer which still stands.

“However, the club’s owners have now rejected these plans and instead suggested that the stadium be built at no cost to them, while retaining sole control over its income and operations.”

And the Wakefield club have responded to the Council’s statement.

Trinity’s short statement read: “Wakefield Trinity are aware of today’s press release from Wakefield Council.

“The club’s owners will be taking legal advice before making any further comment.”

This is just the latest breakdown in talks over plans for a community stadium which would tick all of the boxes for Super League criteria for Trinity.


  1. wakefield council should,nt even be considering bailing wakefield trinity out for a third time when they say they have,nt got the money to keep two community baths open.they are a bigger disgrace than wakefield trinity fiscal prowess(skint again the council will bail us out)

  2. Wakefield need a new stadium, but have to find a way to do it that will work for the community, not break the bank, and actually get built. Some new sports complex? Something to bring money and people for multiple events, mixed retai and sporting complex, or someone with deep pockets who is League mad and inclined to build a legacy. They can’t carry on with that tiny ground, although, do they fill it? Would a new stadium make a difference? My team can’t fill Caravan Partk as the Hull fans call it, they don’t fill half the KCOM, people can’t afford to go.

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