Wakefield Action Group issue stadium rallying call

Stadium for Wakefield Action Group (SWAG) have issued a rallying call for fans to get behind the Wildcats’ dream of building a new stadium at Newmarket, Stanley.

Plans for a new stadium near Junction 30 of the M62 have gained momentum in recent weeks and the group have asked fans to sign a petition in support of the stadium.

The petition, which has already amassed over 5,000 signatures, will be part of the club’s submission of planning permission later this year.

SWAG spokesman Phil Townsend said: “There is a genuine belief that this facility can be delivered on the behalf of the people of Wakefield.

“Some people need a little more explanation of what we are trying to achieve with the petition and what the development can deliver, but it soon becomes clear that the vast majority of people we approach, in all areas of the city and in all walks of life, appreciate the need for this to happen.

“We have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have taken to the streets, or taken the forms to work or to schools to gain support for Newmarket – of their own volition.”

Wakefield were told earlier this year – along with four other clubs – that their position in Super League may be threatened if they did not move to improved facilities.

“Clearly there is a long way to go yet, but we are conscious that there are many more completed forms out there still to be returned, and whilst we are not hurried about these as of yet, we would ask people to return the forms to the addresses at the bottom of the form as soon as possible, just so that we can gauge how much work will be left to do,” added Townsend.

Anybody wishing for more information or to support Wakefield can visit http://www.swag-online.co.uk. 

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