Veivers urges Forber to fight for place

Workington Town coach Phil Veivers has told Carl Forber to respond positively to being left out of the team at the weekend.

Forber’s place was taken for the Wigan dual-registration youngster Jake Shorrocks for the 37-6 win at Doncaster, the first game he had missed since last season’s opening fixture.

“I made the decision that I wanted to shake things up a bit and I brought Jake Shorrocks in to see if that would happen,” Veivers said, according to the News & Star.

“I told Buffer [Forber] and he was understandably disappointed, but it’s up to him now to work his way back into the side.

“Bringing in a young player didn’t bother me. He has an understanding with Doran and it never crossed my mind that it would be a problem.

“Dual-registration is about giving these youngsters a chance and we’ve done that.”

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