Veivers: Strong mentality got us through

Salford coach Phil Veivers said his side had to be mentally tough to overcome Bradford at Odsal Stadium.

Salford went into last weekend’s game off the back of two heavy defeats, losing to Catalan and Leeds.

However the City Reds inflicted a promising 38-18 defeat on the Bulls which Veivers is putting down his side’s self belief.

He said: “We spoke about changing the mentality of things from where we were at last week and I thought we did that.

“It wasn’t difficult the get the confidence high, what was difficult was getting instilling some self belief and getting the side mentally tough. 

“Everything we spoke about in the week thee players have been positive for both parties as to where it puts us with our wins and losses. We’re at 50 per cent at the moment and I’m pretty happy with that.”

Salford led 30-6 at half time and a strong start in the first half. Both coaches thought Salford set the tempt for the game, but Veivers was impressed with his side setting the standard for Bradford to try and match.

He said: “We laid a bit of a platform for ourselves in the first half. We had a good kicking game and kept turning them around, and we had a lot of joy out of it.

“I thought in the second half they upped the tempo and we didn’t keep up with that. They went through the middle of the ruck on us and we didn’t get numbers in the tackle.”

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