Veivers frustrated with narrow losses

Salford coach Phil Veivers says his side missed chances in the Reds’ 24-20 defeat at Warrington.

Salford have been inconsistent this season, after narrowly losing to Leeds in the Challenge Cup last week despite being heavily beaten earlier in the season against the Rhinos.

It is a story Veivers keeps repeating post-match.

He said: “I’m probably going over old ground again in saying that it was another game that got away from us that we were definitely in there to win.

“It’s very frustrating at the moment and the players in the dressing room are feeling pretty tough, they’re in a bit of a dark place and they’re lacking a little bit of confidence.

“It just takes one win to build some confidence and they haven’t got that at the moment so they need to hang tough because things just aren’t going right.”

Salford have lost their last four games against Super League opposition by eight points or less, and it is a trend that the Salford coach would like to get out of sooner rather than later.

Veivers said: “We’re just on the edge of getting a win, I think. And we just need to get that win just to build that confidence back up.”

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