Two-legged ties could be introduced to the Challenge Cup 

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Two-legged ties could be added to the Challenge Cup competition under IMG’s latest proposals to rugby league.

The global organisation announced its plans to ‘reimagine rugby league’ earlier this week, speaking to both clubs and the press.

Amongst those plans could see the introduction of two-legged ties in the sixth round of the competition, the stage at which Super League clubs enter.

IMG’s plans also included the end of loop fixtures and Magic Weekend, looking to bring life back into the historic Challenge Cup.  

Chairman of the Rugby Football League, Simon Johnson, spoke to BBC 5 Live following IMG’s presentations on Wednesday in Manchester.

IMG to reinvigorate the prestigious Challenge Cup competition

“We intend to move the new Challenge Cup final to May in a couple of years time. Reinvigorating of the Challenge Cup is something that IMG think is quite important,” Johnson told presenter Dave Woods.

“I think there are all sorts of reasons why they don’t want to go forward with Magic Weekend at the moment. There’s many positive things about Magic Weekend. But what they’ve tried to do here with these set of proposals is reinvigorate the Challenge Cup.

“So, one of those proposals is that in Round Six when the Super League teams enter the competition, it will be a home and away two-legged tie to provide a bit more interest and a bit more involvement for clubs with the final taking place in May.”

IMG’s other proposals including the scrapping of automatic promotion and relegation, introducing a new grading system. England could also be set for an annual test against France on the international stage under the new plans.

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  1. Well we learn one important thing from the IMG and RFL discussions, absolutely no thought whatsoever, no consider whatsoever, will be given to the opinions if the people who pay to watch the sport. Apparently your views don’t count for anything. I won’t say mine, I simplybcan’t afford to go or subscribe, I’m priced out of the sport.

  2. Oh dear. The dopes at IMG and RFL need to put their heads together, we might get a log cabin.
    The Challenge Cup is a KNOCKOUT competition. You lose, you go. If you have a bad day, tough, you out.
    The smaller clubs can have a good day and go on to play again, generating cash for them.
    Just cos the top three or four SL clubs might get knocked out, you want to give em a second chance.
    Forget it. Take it back to the way it used to be. EVERY club in the draw at round 1. Never mind bringing Saints etc into it when they only have to play 2 games and they’re in the final.
    Every team has a chance, that’s what made the Challenge Cup so great.
    Stop p***ING about with things that never needed to be changed.
    If by some chance Wigan (or whoever) draw Leeds Lock Lane in Round one and lose, wow. Cup magic in a nutshell.
    Go boil your heads and leave it to people who know the games history.

  3. I’ve been a Rugby League supporter for just over 67 years. I have wonderful memories of Challenge Cup giant killings that would become non-existent if the IMG Plan comes into fruition. Once again a stupid plan that protects the so called “elite” clubs and penalises the lower league and amateur clubs.

  4. Why? Literally all these new proposals just their to benefit the top clubs and leave the lower leagues and grass routes suffering. Does not advance the sport at all!

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