Twitter Talk: Fans frustrated as Warrington game goes ahead

Photo tweeted by @wolvesrl

Despite advice not to travel and the fact that hundreds of people were left stranded on the M62 overnight, Warrington’s game at Hull will go ahead this evening.

One of only two Super League games that has survived the weather at its scheduled time, there are no problems with the pitch or the surrounding areas in Hull, the only problem is the Wolves actually getting there.

Although police advice was to only make trips if absolutely necessary, the Wolves started the day by confirming the game would go ahead and that supporters should take extra caution.

Their stance changed later on, when they revealed that on police advice, all supporters’ coaches were cancelled.

The team haven’t yet made it to Hull either, they are now travelling by train.

There’s an interesting debate to be had as to whether fans should be taken more into consideration in this instance – hardly any Warrington fans are likely to make the trip now, though the club has said it will refund any pre-purchased tickets.

Needless to say, it’s provided plenty of discussion on Twitter today.

Though the plan to get the train sounded a sensible alternative to the M62, there are plenty of cancellations and there is still no guarantee the team will get there.


  1. Disgraceful. Clubs have duty of care for their employees , (the players) and should not expect them to travel and work in atrocious conditions as has been the case on many occasions. Supporters should be considered too. If it is not fit to travel the game should be postponed.

  2. Wigan and Hull games will go ahead, as they have undersoil heating!!
    But motorways and roads elsewhere are treacherous,impassable, closed, dangerous or grid locked. The temperatures are approx -4, 55/65 mph winds from storm Emma, on top of the artic conditions, make it impossible for most fans, and dangerous and uncomfortable for the few brave souls that brave it.
    Police and authorities telling folk not to travel unless in an emergency. Clubs not telling fans either until a few hours before, Warrington for example told it was ok when it was obviously NOT, and no doubt condemning a good few to a Baltic night
    Stuck on the M62. I am personally snowed in and cannot make the Widnes game, and, if I did, there would be little chance of me making it back home, especially with the weather forecast.
    The players and stadium staff too, made to travel play/ work in atrocious conditions, adding to the mayhem on the roads and putting the under payed and overwhelmed emergency services in danger themselves and stretching them.
    Is there no one there with a little common sense ? Wouldn’t it be easier and, more profitable to cancel and rearrange? No doubt the stadiums will be near empty and the only sound to be heard is chattering teeth.
    Is it any coincidence, that, the two home teams, after depriving their supporters with shallow pockets last week, while sunning themselves in warmer climes, of going to see each other play, are the ones keenest to play?

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