Twitter Talk: Fans debate Carney racism ban

Salford’s Justin Carney suspension by the RFL after pleading guilty to a charge of Grade F verbal abuse based on race/colour has created plenty of debate across the sport.

The 28-year-old was sent off during the club’s Challenge Cup fifth-round win against Toronto on 23rd April and has now been hit with an eight match ban and fined £300.

We take a look at some of the reaction to the news:


  1. Words said in te heat of the moment… and it was only 2 words… he did not chase the fella round the park calling him names for 80 mins… The RFL made a statement saying he is NOT racist… most of the statements on here are deluded and ridiculous… He also got a hell of a lot more messages of support than you are portraying… it’s a Big Boys Sport… and things are said… the player who was supposedly abused… never complained to the ref…. it was on the hear say of a line judge who in usual circumstances can’t make a decision on a forward pass let alone any other basic plays during a game… some people need to grow a pair and get on with it…. He should serve his ban from the RFL.. and a bit of Community Service from the Club and come back stronger JUSTIN CARNEY IS NOT A RACIST….

  2. I suspect his reputation has a bit to do with it. He’s not exactly squeaky clean is he? If you have previous, it will always return to bite you on the arse! I doubt very much we’ll see him at the AJ again. Didn”t we have similar difficulties with Kevin Locke in 2015? Signed a 3yr contract on big bucks….13 games later, he’s gone. Subsequently fined a total of $6400 & sentenced to 80hrs community service. Suspect the good Doctor needs to improve his due diligence!

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