Twitter Talk: Fans blast streaming decision

The announcement that the RFL will live stream England’s mid-season international against Samoa has met with a wave of criticism from rugby league fans.

The game, which takes place on 6th May, will stream live across the UK and Europe on

Our latest Twitter Talk feature takes a look at reaction to the news:

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  1. There are days I wonder if those in charge at the Rugby Football League are channelling the dead spirits of the Rugby Football Union leaders from 1895 to 1995. The people least suited to run Rugby League more often than not seem to be the people employed to run and make decisions on behalf of, the Rugby Football League.

    It’s hard enough to get coverage of the sport, apart from Premier Sports who are superb, so why not let them cover it. Streaming the Siddal vs Wolfpack game on the BC worked, but making it a subscription event or reward for late ticket buyers is just idiotic. It makes no sense, those inclined to watch it won’t bother, no new viewers will watch it, it will end up costing more to broadcast than it brings in revenue, effectively making it a more of a non event than will be already.

    The only thing we could learn from Union is how to promote the international element of the game, they have one of the worst products on Earth, yet the Six Nations is one of the most profitable and watched televised International sporting events in the world. That is something we could learn from, premium subscription streaming services is NOT the way forward.

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