Turner to retire

Canterbury winger Steve Turner has been forced to retire with immediate effect due to injury.

The former Penrith and Melbourne player, 28, who has been unable to overcome a debilitating knee injury, says he is “physically and mentally drained”.

Turner, who has one NSW Blues Origin apperance to his name, made his NRL debut for the Panthers in 2002 before moving on to make 105 apperances for the Storm.

He joined the Bulldogs in 2010, appearing 54 times for the club.

“My body just isn’t holding up for me anymore,” Turner said. “It’s unfortunate for it to end like this but I have no other choice with how much that it is mentally and physically draining me.

“It’s so hard when your head is telling you that you want to do something but your body just doesn’t let you.

“I actually had some extra knee surgery just before Christmas that no one knew about and I’ve been finding it hard enough to train let alone being able to go out and play as best as I can.

“I could be selfish and continue to play but that wouldn’t be helping out anyone but myself and that is not the type of person I am.”

Turner will remain with the Bulldogs as a media assistant.

“I definitely want to head down the path of working in the media,” added Turner.

“I have a big interest in that and managed to build myself a bit of a profile last year so it’ll be good to keep doing some work at the Club and hopefully get some extra work around the place as well.”


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