Turn Magic Weekend into Super League Nines competition, says Brad Dwyer

Drew Darbyshire

Leeds hooker Brad Dwyer wants Super League’s Magic Weekend to be turned into a Nines competition.

The World Cup Nines is taking place at Parramatta’s Bankwest Stadium in Sydney this weekend and it has received a good reception by players and fans alike so far.

Dwyer wants Super League to get rid of loop fixtures and introduce a Nines concept in a bid to attract more fans to the sport.

He tweeted: “Turn Magic Weekend into a Super League 9s competition. We’ll have more chance of attracting new fans with it being faster and more entertaining.

“We want to see some of our superstars play with more space around them like in Dubai 7s. How many knew of rugby there? That is now a success.

“Limit Super League to just playing each other home and away then play-offs instead of half the teams playing three times and others twice, which will turn it into a fairer competition and it will allow us to play the World Club Challenge in the same year that the team wins the competition.”

Dwyer would also like to see more international matches played throughout the course of the year.

He added: “The Nines will also save players from playing too many games, with player welfare in mind for once.

“And then it’ll give us more time to grow the international game with competitions like the World Cup Nines and Great Britain Lions.

“Everyone knows the only way the game will grow is in the international game.”

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