Sydney Roosters: Trent Robinson shoots down Payne Haas rumours

Trent Robinson has dismissed speculation suggesting that the Sydney Roosters would be interested in signing Payne Haas if he was to become available.

Haas has caused uproar this week after requesting a release from his Broncos contract. Brisbane have refused the request, but until a resolution is found the rumours look sure to rumble on.

The Roosters are constantly linked with a move for Haas. This despite the fact the powers that be have ruled it out in the past. The Bondi outfit seem focused on developing the young forwards they have coming through the ranks.

Therefore they are not willing to pay over a $1million a year to sign Haas. Even if they had room on the salary cap to accommodate him.

Sydney Roosters linked with Payne Haas

And now coach Robinson has dismissed the rumours. He believes the links to the Roosters are being used to deflect attention away from the contract row in Brisbane. But he wants nothing to do with it.

“It’s just another week with another player being linked to our club. It keeps getting put out there but it’s got nothing to do with us,” Robinson told reporters.

“It’s obviously a dispute for them up there to deal with. Changing focus on to another club or our club, it doesn’t need to be brought up because there’s nothing to it.

“That’s obviously what they’re trying to do. It’s quite insignificant to what we’re trying to do week to week.”

Haas is under contract until the end of 2024. The Broncos have also insisted the player is going nowhere. The request has been rejected and they will try and find a solution with Haas.

No transfer talks

Either way it is of no concern to the Roosters who have their own contract issues. Angus Crichton is off contract at the end of the season and has yet to re-sign. But Robinson insists there has been no talk of signing Haas.

“We’re really clear: there’s been no discussion. No internal discussions, no external discussions,” he added when pressed about Haas.

Robinson is instead focused on Saturday’s game against the Cronulla Sharks. He will be up against his good mate Craig Fitzgibbon for the first time since he left the Roosters. But he will put all that to one side to focus on getting a result.

“This isn’t personal,” he added. “It’s a footy game. He’s one of my best mates and that’s not going to change wherever he’s at. We’ve got a game and we want to play well and it’s against the Sharks. You’ve got to separate the personal bit from the professional bit.”

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