Toulouse launch bid for Super League

Stade Ernest Wallon, Toulouse
Stade Ernest Wallon is the home of Toulouse Olympique

Championship club Toulouse have released a video launching a bid to enter Super League for 2021.

Canadian side Toronto Wolfpack failed in their bid to be re-admitted into the Super League in 2021.

Super League clubs have voted to return to a 12-team competition next season – and Toulouse have launched their bid to join fellow French club Catalans in the top flight next year.

Toulouse chairman Bernard Sarrazain said: “Its region, its city, its economic influence, its stadium and of course its entertaining style of rugby – Toulouse needs to be in Super League.

“Those assets brought to the competition would develop rugby league in France and in the northern hemisphere on the sport side, but also the economy and in terms of media coverage.”

Toulouse coach Sylvain Houles said: “Sport has always thrived thanks to great rivalries and this should inspire us. Toulouse needs to be in Super League.

“Firstly, a historic rivalry for the rugby league world between France and England. With its kids teams, academy, reserves and first teams, Toulouse Olympique is working hard to develop talents for a strong French national team able to compete with England for 80 minutes.

“A spectacular rivalry between Toulouse and the Catalans Dragons with great derbies would create strong interest from new fans, new media and new sponsors for the sport.”

Toulouse business club chairwoman Alexandra Bouloc said: “Toulouse Olympique is making the most of one of the biggest economic areas in the country by building and developing two leading business networks in the city.

“Toulouse needs to be in Super League. This would give great new opportunities for the sponsors of all our clubs.”

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  1. It would be best for the game if Toulouse stayed and then Leeds St Helens and Catalan left SL and joined the RFL Championship. SL’s voting structure is clearly dysfunctional and incapable of running the game.
    Put Ottawa and Newcastle straight in as well. Make it clear to New York and the Hull clubs that they are welcome to join. Then move on to a TV deal and a bright future. Leave the other SL clubs to keep playing each other in front of no fans and run the game into the ground.

  2. IMHO there is only ONE choice. A team that has an excellent and committed funder and chairman, coach, team & training staff. A team that has, for years, had an excellent academy, with ex academy players spread throughout the game. A team that has, and can continue to spread the game further into the south. A team which other Super League team supporters have loved to visit…the list goes on!

    It’s obvious to me…of course, London Broncos!

  3. It’s either featherstone or london for me for the following reasons featherstone got beat by Toronto in the play off final so. That gives them a claim for the spot . Or London because they got relegated from Super league and Toronto replaced them which gives them a claim . So I think featherstone should play London on a neutral ground , but give both team a period of time to train and prepare for the game winner wins 12 th place in super league. But not Toulouse they didn’t finish in a position to qualify for super league they stay in the championship no back door promotion into super league for them if they were good enough they would of won promotion on their on merits and not from Toronto’s down fall.

  4. Yes RL needs London in the top comp. But it also needs Toulouse, Ottawa, NY, Bradford Bulls, Newcastle.
    Only one of Wakey, Cas, Fev, Huddersfield could be in the top comp at the same time. All 4, and RL in this country will soon no longer be viable as a full time sport because no one will be interested in watching.

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