Toulouse expecting Super League decision by end of July

Toulouse are expecting to receive a decision on their possible inclusion to a re-structured Super League by the end of July.

A second French side is likely to be one of the key components of the re-structure, which has seen three options presented to clubs.

The favourite is the option that sees two leagues of 12, splitting in to three leagues of eight.

The success of Catalan Dragons, who joined Super League in 2006, a lucrative TV deal and the commitment of the local council have made club insiders confident that they can secure a place.

Toulouse previously played in the Championship for three years between 2009 and 2011, but failed to satisfy the on-field criteria for a Super League application for 2012.

Key parties and sponsors are awaiting the nod from the RFL before commencing with the finalisation of their plans, and the renovation of the club’s stadium.

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