Toulouse caught up in biting allegation

An incident of alleged biting against Toulouse’s Bastien Ader from today’s draw with Rochdale has been put on report.

The Hornets and the French side played out a dramatic 28-28 draw on Sunday at Spotland Stadium. The home team nailed a penalty in the dieing stages of the game to equalise.

In the second half Rochdale centre Lewis Galbraith showed the referee a bite mark, allegedlly made by Toulouse centre Ader. Play was stopped and it was put on report.

If charged and then found guilty, Ader could face a six to eight week ban.

Rochdale coach Alan Kilshaw said he fared for his players’ welfare.

“It’s a hard game and we play hard and accept that teams will be aggressive if we go over the line then fair enough we will be punished but we can’t have gouging and biting and things not in the spirit of rugby league,” Kilshaw told Love Rugby League.

“if you do that in the French competition and get away with it then play there, if they play under the RFL and those rules and guidelines they need to stick to that.

“I was really concerned for my players welfare today.”

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