Toronto Wolfpack could see bid to re-join Super League decided this week

The fate of Toronto Wolfpack could be determined by the end of the week as Super League bosses meet to discuss their re-application.The Canadian club pulled out of their inaugural season in the top flight in July when Australian owner David Argyle announced he no longer had the resources to fund them.

Their participation agreement was terminated and the league continued with 11 clubs.

The Wolfpack have since found a potential new owner in Toronto businessman Carlo LiVolsi, who submitted his plans, including an 80-page document, to re-launch the club at an online meeting with Super League executive chairman Robert Elstone and Rugby Football League chief executive Ralph Rimmer earlier this month.

A report with recommendations is due to be handed to the other 11 clubs on Tuesday ahead of a meeting of the Super League board – essentially the club owners – on Friday morning which will make a decision to either reject the application outright or seek more information.

With the vote expected to be close, the Ontario club are desperately hoping the clubs will give LiVolsi an opportunity to present his case in person next week.

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There is still some resentment over the way Toronto pulled out of the league just days before the scheduled August 2 re-start and bitterness grew over revelations that the players have not been paid since May.

LiVolsi has insisted he will pay the wages in full if the club are re-instated and the GMB trade union which represents rugby league players on Friday said they had brokered a deal worth in the region of £1million.

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LiVolsi has spoken of his plans to take the club to new heights and Toronto captain Josh McCrone and coach Brian McDermott have both issued pleas for the club to be given a second chance.

A move to restore Super League to a 12-team competition could count in their favour.

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Toronto’s UK business manager Martin Vickers said: “We are confident we will get a fair hearing.

“We know we made a strong submission and trust the Super League board will make the right decision for Toronto Wolfpack.”

Rimmer has indicated his support for the new club but Elstone is thought to have strong reservations and the odds appear to be stacked against the Canadians.

LiVolsi says he would not be interested in joining the Championship or League 1, insisting it is “Super League or bust” and, at this late stage, the club would be unlikely to find other owners willing to start the process over again.



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  1. The coach has been on here moaning twice to stay in super league . They have had the GMB on here moaning for them to stay in super league, they have had players on here pleading to stay in super league . The man who wants to become the new owner has tried to blackmail to remain in super league . They were not asked to leave super league , they were not chucked out of super league . They walked out on two competitions the league and challenge cup of their own accord. Due to going bust , unable to pay staff and blaming the virus . They should be deducted points and relegated, not to the championship to div one . If they face no punishment that’s a green light to every other club to do same tactics in the future . About time the RFL and Super League had a pair of balls and sorted this whole mess out , it’s a failed experiment in expansion and not ignore clubs with centuries of history between them . To fit Toronto in , they have had their chance and blew it . I don’t care how many fans they bring to the game , how Many millions they can bring to the game . They have treated both competitions and the sport on then hole with complete disrespect and disregard.

    • I am utterly appalled that we are even giving Toronto another chance. They have treat the RFL, Super League and the Championship clubs with disrespect. They have shown a clear.arrogance to the ret if the game thew way the pulled dthe plug just as we were about to restart after lockdown.

  2. Come on Robert Elstone you’ve done nothing so far I support all of Alex’s views about Toronto get some credibility back throw them out the blackmail of super league or bust should tell you everything about the club the 12th club should come from clubs that want to join with diligence proven.

  3. As a lifelong RL supporter I find it incredulous that there should be any debate. The RFL should not buckle to the blackmail in this case. No return to super league and replacement club from the championship who have proven resources to fulfil the requirement.

  4. I am utterly appalled that we are even giving Toronto another chance. They have treat the RFL, Super League and the Championship clubs with disrespect. They have shown a clear.arrogance to the ret if the game thew way the pulled dthe plug just as we were about to restart after lockdown.

  5. If they are re admitted to Superleague that would show the utter contempt that those in power have for fans of OUR game over the last 125years. Rugby League is our game it does not belong to almighty SKY. Expanding the game does not work in this way, and Superleague or bust is an insult that begs the question what would happen if they finished bottom of the league, would they say the same to that.

  6. Just like to point out , I don’t want to kill Toronto off , I just want every team in every league amateur or professional. To have the same treatment, not special treatment, Never been happy allowing French sides or Canadian sides into any of our leagues just doesn’t make sense to me , still got down south , wales , Scotland and Ireland to spread the game to yet . As for expansion does anybody remember the Cardiff , Carlisle experiments . Come on RFL and Super League walk before we can run . If you can’t do it , leave while get somebody else who can

  7. Toronto took NOTHING FINANCIAL from the game, and when they were asked for the help the other clubs told them where to go. RL family 🤪🤪🤪
    There are clubs who over the years have bled RL dry and contributed nothing and some who took , won competitions way back in the mists of time and believe that they are the future. They don’t even have a ground or play in their “named town/city”
    Toronto, for all their failings, at least got the game noticed, how many clubs are known worldwide now? Wigan were , Saints possibly but Leigh, Featherstone etc., don’t even register.
    TV needs audiences to watch the game, very few games in the U.K. give the audiences TV would crave and be able to sell the rights globally. That’s the future whether you want to see it or not. Other sports are progress, look at Unions competitions, Soccer and then say SL and the rigged Challenge cup.
    The game is insular. People moan about “travelling “ 10 miles on a Thursday when the game is on the tv.
    Living in the past is ridiculous, you can’t change it, it’s either today and if, done correctly a better future. There are clubs in RL in this country who just survive , take and give nothing back. Is that the future?

  8. As someone who loves Rugby league with a passion l must admit I have followed the Wolfpack from the start. Any team that had the great Brian Noble on board must be worth a pinch of Rugby league salt. Unfortunately alot like here in Australia where we have too many teams in NSW we will always be held back by a belief of anything new is a threat to the old. So change will never seem worthwhile. Unless this attitude is altered we are denying more people Rugby league football,the greatest game of all.

  9. The threat of something new does bother me in the slightest. What bothers me the most is the uneven playing field new teams require . So I’ll write this slowly so you understand what I’m saying . Toronto knee the deal before being promoted to super league , they made promises they could complete the season . Now it’s the skullduggery, the blackmail attempt, the coach , players and the union begging to stay in super league . Toronto were not kicked out , asked to leave , or chucked out , you walked out , ran out of money , went bust , every other team that’s went bust have been punished either by relegation or a points deduction. If your serious about Toronto then take your punishment on chin like everybody has had to . Don’t come into this sport with a 4 year history and try and change a sports with a 125 years history . It just won’t work , your clubs attitude has made a lot of enemies over here . With your attitude towards the game and demanding things left right and centre . You have to earn things in this game not buy it .

  10. Couln’t disagree more. Anybody who cannot see that coronavirus was a completely unforseeable occurance that has totally changed the economics of the whole world is completely ignorant or a fool or both. Rugby league of all sports doesn’t know how to promote itself and try and increase interest – most fans don’t seem to realise that their backward-thinking attitude is resulting in the sport gradually declining and becoming even more a minority sport, even in its small heartland areas. The way to spark interest in new audiences would be to impress people by having the likes of Toronto, but hey-ho, go ahead and fall on your own swords. Just don’t go crying in 20 years when your sport is even less relevant and crowd and viewing figures even lower and more overshadowed by Union.

  11. Rugby League has had 125years to get things right but instead of growing it’s stagnating. Teams like Toronto
    should be encouraged. They’ve had 4 years with little or no help.
    What have they cost the game financial y. I think if anything they have put more into the game then they have taken. As for blackmailing the league what a load of rubbish someone is willing to invest in a team they just want a fair crack of the whip if they are Delt an even hand I’m sure they will be a bigger asset then some of the continually struggling established clubs.

  12. Jam pot if our sport is that bad why are you so keen to join super league , start your own league and stay that side of pond . If you beat GB I’ll hold my hands up and say well done . But never have I seen a professional rugby club winge wine as much as Toronto have been , you went bust , not the virus fault that YOUR clubs fault and poor poor financial management and business sense . There’s other rugby clubs suffering from the effects of the virus , but crack on with on to survive, without making a song and dance about it

  13. what’s super league or bust if not blackmail , you’ve had more than a fair crack of the whip . Your holding the whip . Stop crying if you can’t handle the laws of the game which every has to stick to pack it in ., I’ve got over 50 years in supporting this game , I’ve been involved in the development of the game in the armed forces , I’ve developed the game from the north of scotland ( Lossiemouth ) to the south of England Portsmouth , Plymouth. I’ve represent Scotland in the World Cup and qualified at level 1-2 coaching so I’ve put a lot into game and taken nothing out of it . I’ve spent more time in the changing sheds getting ready for games than Toronto been around in the sport . You just won’t accept you have little or no experience in the rugby league world . That’s why you’ve gone bust , tits up . You moaned about not having enough players , salary cap , your ground is not super league standard more coloured lines on it than a ordinance survey map . You need to take a good long hard look at your club . People who live in glass houses shouldn’t use uzzi sub mechine guns . Interested in your rugby expertise

  14. Yes Toronto have made mistakes so have a lot of other Rugby League clubs, but how many of the established clubs would pay for the away team to come and play their games and get absolutely nothing back from the RFL. It seems to me that people are happy just to trundle up and down the M62 corridor.

  15. Could anybody guess the crowd figures for Toronto v cantalan challenge cup final, super league game home and away or the gran final at Old Trafford on a Saturday minus the neutral fans . Not many

  16. Thats why Toronto went bust because they offered pay they weren’t forced into the deal , by the way London Coventry and wales aren’t near the m62 but have hard working professional clubs still surviving so get your facts right before spouting the old M62 corridor crap

    • How great was it when the Kim Williams coached West Wales Raiders broke through for their maiden win or how impressive were London Broncos in their Superleague return last season or how awesome was Featherstone Rovers run in the championship playoffs.Just some examples of why we love Rugby league and should be sharing it far and wide. The Toronto Wolfpack have made mistakes dating back to outstanding legal costs and have gone about some things the wrong way but we need to look at the bigger picture. A club should never be judged wholey and solely on it’s owners past positives and negatives yes they are big factors. We should be looking at what is the club really trying to bring to the table and going by what they achieved from their first home game against Oxford to the million pound game last year they want to grow the game for the better of Rugby league is that such a bad thing?

      • No it’s not a bad thing , but they went bust , lied to super league and the RFL they could finish the season . Not paid playing staff and none playing staff for months . But if they want to remain in the sport they need to except some form of punishment for going bust , just like my club Widnes . Our fans and local businesses and rugby league fans in general kept us a float . So if Toronto have all this support they should stay afloat easily. This isn’t about sour grapes it’s about equal punishment.

  17. Can I just point out one simple fact west wales stuck at week after week and didn’t give up or walk out the league or challenge cup . Had a lot more pride than Toronto a lot more .

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