Toronto willing to replace Bradford

Toronto are ready to step in and replace Bradford in the Championship if asked.

Toronto coach Paul Rowley confirmed to PA Sport that the Canadian club would take the spot if given the opportunity.

“We weren’t sounded out and nor were any of the Cumbrian clubs,” Rowley told Press Association Sport.

“We fully supported starting at the bottom, I think that’s right.

“But, if you are asking me if we would take the opportunity, absolutely yes, we would go now. I know that Barrow would do the same, I’m not too sure about the other two, Whitehaven and Workington, although I’d be surprised if they refused it.

“The whole situation is confusing and not consistent with messages that have been given out previously when other clubs have been in similar situations. It creates unrest and debate.

“The one thing we all agree on is that we all want Bradford strong and safe but we do with Sheffield and York and other clubs as well so it’s no different. The rules need to be laid down early and then nobody can complain.

“Who knows but if someone asks us the question, then we’re ready. But really the option, if it’s going to anyone, should go to the Cumbrian clubs – two got relegated and one missed out on promotion.”

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