Toronto issue update to home and travelling fans awaiting ticket refunds

Fans who planned to watch Toronto in Canada in 2020 could be left out of pocket if the Wolfpack aren’t given a second chance in Super League.

An update has been issued to fans who had purchased match tickets earlier this year, that are still awaiting refunds following the coronavirus pandemic that not only prevented travel, but eventually caused the Toronto to pull out of the season.

Although tickets were bought through Wolfpack partner Ticketmaster, they are unable to process the refunds because the club has not returned the money to Ticketmaster for it to be refunded back.

Mailbox: Fans still waiting for Toronto ticket refunds

The update also refers to the players and staff, who have been unpaid for the past four months, and the upcoming decision regarding the club’s future.

The email update reads: “We have been working with Ticketmaster through a challenging situation in the last few weeks, and wanted to provide an update as below.

“When the season in Toronto was cancelled all single game tickets were automatically set to refund. Unfortunately Ticketmaster are not in a position to refund tickets at this time. This is because the Wolfpack have not returned money to Ticketmaster for it to be refunded back to ticket buyers (this is not in any way the fault of Ticketmaster).

“This situation was initially brought about by the significant lost revenue from the team dropping out the season after not being able to host home games in Toronto.

“As you may have seen reported in the media our players and staff are unpaid for 4 months, with the team now available for a take-over by our previous ownership.

“This process will be concluded in three weeks time, and we will provide an update to ticket buyers via email as soon as it is.

“Again we are very sorry that the refunds have not been made, and really appreciate your patience and support at this time.”

5th March 2020, Emerald Headingley, Leeds, England; Betfred Super League, Leeds Rhinos v Toronto Wolfpack : Sonny Bill Williams and Hakim Miloudi of Toronto Wolfpack poses for a fan picture.

A Super League meeting recently concluded to give Toronto a further four weeks to prepare their bid to re-join the competition in 2021.

That bid, and a decision on the club’s future, is expected by the end of October.

Prospective new owner Carlo LiVolsi has said he will pay the outstanding salaries of players and staff, believed to be in the region of £500,000, if his bid to take over is accepted.


  1. Pay the. Money back Toronto another reason to relegate you out of super league . Or just a another dirty move to keep you in super league by threatening not to pay it back unless you stay in super league .? Should be ashamed of yourselves

    • The owner has walked away, there’s no money in the business to pay it to those who are owed it. It’s not so much a case of them trying to threaten that if they don’t get readmitted to SL they won’t pay it, it’s that there’s no money to pay it at the moment. The prospective new owner will pay all debts as and when he takes over, but he’s not going to pay it until that takeover is complete – why should he, it’s not currently his business.

      If SL reject their readmission, the business will go into liquidation and no one will get paid what they’re owed. That’s a fact, not a threat or blackmail from the prospective owner. There’s no value in continuing to run the club as a going concern if they’re not in SL, so the guy willing to buy into it has made it clear he’ll only invest if they’re in SL, otherwise the business plan doesn’t stack up and he won’t be investing.

  2. Players and families suffering through non payment ,now there own fans not getting the chance to get there season ticket money back unless super league guaranteed , This is not the way forward to run a business I let my season ticket money go back to my club as I’m sure many Toronto fans would have if only asked.The threats should not work but probably will with Elstone and Rimmer at the helm.

  3. Toronto have got assets they can sell I’m sure of it. No excuse not to repay fans , the money is important to fans especially with this virus hanging around , get the owner to put it in , I’m sure he’s got a few Canadian dollar squirreded away . Or sell his house . So to me it’s another blackmail trick for superleague and the RFL to. Consider

  4. Blah blah you’re not from Yorkshire, blah you’re not from Lancashire, we hate you, leave us alone, you horrible outsiders, this is a local shop for local people we don’t want any trouble here Tubbs.

  5. No I’m a jock ,that’s a person born in Scotland . But I know I’m a jock , not French , not Canadian . As for your corner shop comments, stick you shop up your rear end , that attitude is why I hope your relegated and go bust . Yours as always MR Sainsbury’s that’s a large supermarket chain for you . You’ll never finish that beer , Neil if you keep crying in your glass

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