Toronto confirm signing of Kallum Watkins

Toronto have signed centre Kallum Watkins on a three-year deal following his release from Gold Coast.

The 29-year-old recently returned from Australia to the UK for personal reasons, and has been granted a release from his contract with the Titans.

The Wolfpack say Watkins has accepted “significantly reduced pay terms” for the 2020 season due to all teams having to make pay cuts for players and staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

Watkins said: “First of all I would like to thank the Gold Coast Titans for granting me and my family the opportunity to go back home, I had a great time over there.

“To the owners, coaches, players, staff and the fans at the Titans, I wish them all the success in the world. I know they will turn things round at the club.

“I came back for family reasons. There has been a lot going on back home, and then when I heard about my dad I had to come back.

“I wanted to succeed in the NRL but I had to put my family first, and now I’m excited to be back playing in the Super League.”

Toronto coach Brian McDermott added: “To add someone of the quality of Kallum Watkins to our squad during the league suspension is a positive move.

“I know first-hand what Kallum can do and we are thrilled he will be joining us on-field once play resumes.

“This is a testing time for sports teams all over the world, and we are no different.

“We are grateful that Kallum has shown commitment to our cause by agreeing to our revised pay model alongside his team mates, and in line with many other players across our league.”

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  1. I hope somebody looks are Toronto’s books and the salary cap , because I’m smelling a big stinky rat here . Never mind the RFL will let you off

  2. Why? They get NO MONEY from SL as the greedy clubs divided it up amongst themselves. Obviously they are not subject to the same rules then.

    • That money is from UK TV revenue derived from UK audiences which the UK clubs negotiated for with the UK TV channel. It makes absolutely zero sense for a non-UK side to get that money. When TWP brings a Canadian TV deal to the table, then they can ask for even splits of any sort. Until then it would be a complete scam for an outsider to come in and take money out without bringing money back in.

      Wolfpack already has its own exclusive rights to North American TV that is negotiated for and agreed to. That fact that there are some people who keep using this revenue split as a crutch shows huge dishonesty and hurts TWP.

      David Argyle and TWP spent $15 million USD across three years with multiple championship accomplishments along the way. Most teams in North America spend more than that in expansion fees just to get inside a professional league, or more than that in their first year alone.

      RFL’s dealing with TWP has been fair given all the circumstances involved. Perhaps if the RFL did charge $15-25 million USD then maybe there would be far less complaining because expansion fees act as a means test to ensure one has finances to be competitive and isn’t just going to be complaining about not having money, after all. If that *were* the case they might even get a revenue split, it would just be a portion of their own money coming back to them but at least it would keep the plebs to shut up about being treated differently.

      Can’t wait for TWP shills (not to be confused with *TWP fans* like myself) to complain about not getting UK government funds and how Super League is being “greedy” and “unfair”. UK money should go to UK clubs, it’s that simple. TWP has the Canadian government and Canadian broadcasting for their revenue source.

  3. I’m not a pleb I’ve been involved in the development of rugby league in the southern conference, British armed forces and a Scotland international ( original ) . I’m level one and two coaching qualified . So I’ve got a vast experience in the development of this beautiful. All I’m saying are Toronto playing to the same rules ie salary cap . Or are they treat differently to the other clubs , all you’ve done since joining super league is moan about not having enough players in your squad . But spent millions on SBW , when you could of bought 3-4 lesser known player to build your squad . Let’s be really honest your ground is sub standard with more markings on it than the M6 motorway , your squad is not good enough or fit enough for super league and well below par . I just don’t think that with your performances this season it’s not fair on the likes of London or Leigh and to stay in super league because of a virus is not fair . Wishing everybody in rugby league all over the world amateur or professional to keep safe and when we’ve beaten this virus we can enjoy the game , to the people who were involved in the game you’ll never be forgotten as long as our game goes on

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