Toronto and Sonny Bill are good for Super League, says Wakefield star Jacob Miller

Wakefield captain Jacob Miller believes the addition of Sonny Bill Williams and Toronto to Super League can only be a good thing.

The Wolfpack gained promotion to the top flight last season after a dominant campaign in the Championship.

Toronto have endured a tough start to life in Super League having lost six from six before play was suspended – but Miller believes they will bring great profile to the game.

Miller said: “They are a fresh team and are something different.

“They open up a new avenue with the media and sponsorship so I’m really looking forward to seeing what they bring this year.

“Its unreal to have Sonny Bill in the competition. Hopefully he’s not on my side of the field though!

“Its great to have him in Super League. You can already see the hype and buzz that is around him and that is going to be great for everyone – not just the competition.

“There are going to be more eyes on the game for the young people who are wanting to have eyes on them so I think it’ll be good for everyone.”

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  1. I’d agree Toronto could be good for super league, but only if they got treated on the same bases as all the teams in the game and not being given preferential treatment to keep them in super league with the support of the RFL . While forgetting teams that have been around longer , so for me London up Toronto down , if they don’t like it take up ice hockey or curling.

  2. Im with alex on this one about toronto been good for super league if they got treated the same as every other club they wouldnt last 2 minutes without rfl bending over backwards to help them out so i dont agree they are good for super league they have over spent big style on sony bill which has had an impact on the rest of the squad so to be at the peak of their salary cap and then pull a rabbit out their hat ie kallum watkins signing it just stinks

  3. Toronto should be treated the same as every other club. So I’m sure people mean that they would get a share of the TV money, not have to pay for the travel and accommodation of all the visiting teams, not be required to pay any kind of bond to participate in the Challenge Cup. Those are straight up facts currently. But I’d be interested to know how the RFL/SL are perceived to have bent over backwards or given them preferential treatment to help them out.

  4. Nicholas its just deluded fans that moan about the game not expanding and when a great opportunity to expand and accept the canadians with open arms its we must bot expand beyond the bloody m62… these so called fans of the game make my mind boggle. They wonder why the british game isnt even a top 10 sport in the UK anymore.

    • So we should forget about spreading the game into Scotland and Ireland then . As I’ve been involved in the southern conference and armed forces rugby league I know dam well the game spread past the M62 Odiham, Portsmouth , Plymouth , greenwhich gosport fareham , Crawley , Lossiemouth, Edinburgh Glasgow some m62 corridor that is .

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