Toovey given Bulls green light

Bradford have confirmed Geoff Toovey has finally been granted a visa to take up the post of head coach at the club.

The former NRL player and Manly Sea Eagles boss has been waiting for five months for clearance and he admits he’s glad he can finally starting working with the Bulls.

“It is pleasing that it is out of the way – it is one less question that can now finally be answered,” said Toovey.

“At the end of the day we had to do the right things by the laws and we have done that now so we can crack on. It was frustrating not knowing when it was actually going to happen, but I’m glad that it’s out of the way.

“People should know that my history says I do not walk away from a challenge, so I am looking forward to cracking on.

“We have a fair task ahead of us as the last couple of months have been difficult, but this is one positive step and hopefully we can take another one this weekend.

“The fans have been fantastic, nothing but support. Our side outnumber people anywhere we go. I hope they keep the faith and I hope they understand it is a difficult position for the players to be put in within the club. We need people picking us up and continuing positivity.

“We need to get over this minus two that has been hanging around for too long. When we get past it we can set ourselves some new goals to achieve.”

Co-owner Andrew Chalmers added: “I think it’s a big milestone because of the difficulties and steps that we have had to go through and comply with all of the requirements with the border agency.

“For the club, it is huge. We need him out there, coaching, leading from the front and he hasn’t been able to do it. He has a huge track record which will undoubtedly help the younger players.

“Alongside Geoff’s appointment, we are looking to build depth in the squad. We have been unlucky with injuries this year but we still have 13 games to go.

“It’s about producing in every single game that we play and getting these results. We are hoping that Geoff’s appointment will come as a catalyst and see some change.

“We have got the best fans in rugby league, in regards of how the team has been trying, the fans have not stopped coming, they have been backing us.”

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