Toon soccer star Taylor relishing Magic Weekend

Newcastle United soccer player Ryan Taylor may have suffered yet another injury in his team’s weekend clash with Queens Park Rangers, but at least he has some rugby league to look forward to.

The Liverpool-born midfielder is planning on taking some of his team-mates to next year’s Magic Weekend in Newcastle, to show them what a proper “man’s sport” looks like.

He also revealed that he used to watch St Helens, to get him in the right mood for playing on a Saturday.

“There’s no better place to host a weekend of rugby league,” he told Super League TV, when asked about St James’ Park as a venue for Magic Weekend.

“It’ll be fantastic for the players, although it’ll be fantastic for the spectators as well.

“It should be a great weekend, and hopefully I can come to it and see what it’s all about.

“I used to go to St Helens, believe it or not, although I did play for Wigan [Athletic]

“My team was always St Helens, because I’m from 15 minutes away down the road. I used to go to Knowsley Road on a Friday, to gear me up for the game on a Saturday.

“I grew up loving it – Sean Long, Keiron Cunningham, Wellens, all them heroes, I used to watch all of them.

“Once I started playing at Wigan, I used to follow a little bit of Wigan [Warriors], but I never used to go to as many games.

“With being up here now, I can’t go to as many games, but I do watch it and take an interest when it’s on TV.”

Taylor is also hopeful that some of his team-mates at Newcastle will be able to watch, and learn, from the action at Magic Weekend.

“I’d like to think some of them will,” he said.

“Maybe not the softer lads, though them in particular need to come and watch what the real men of the sporting world do.

“I’d like to think we can all come and be a part of it. If we can get the whole squad here then it would be fantastic.”

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