Tony Smith: Linking Giants form to Brown’s departure is coincidence

Tony Smith doesn’t believe Huddersfield’s dip in form is down to the coach Nathan Brown leaving at the end of the season.

Brown will leave the Giants for St Helens in 2013. Captain Kevin Brown and Lee Gilmour are also joining Widnes and Castleford respectively.

That break up in players and coach is believed to be the cause of Huddersfield’s poor form which culminated in the Giants losing 52-6 at Castleford on Sunday.

However Smith, whose Warrington side face Huddersfield in the second Challenge Cup semi final on Sunday, believes there are other factors to why Huddersfield are playing poorly.

He said: “Whether Nathan had another four year deal to coach at Huddersfield, they could well be going through this little patch anyway. It is very easy and convenient to attach it to, ‘it’s because the coach is leaving.’

“I don’t necessary buy into it. I don’t know the ins and outs that may have some bearing, but when you have a tight nit group, they have to get behind all those sorts of decisions.”

Smith understands how rumours and key people announcing their departure from a club can hinder a team’s performance on the field.

However he has no sympathy for teams that cannot get on with the job at hand to them every week in the league and cup.

Smith said: “I think when you pull together as players and coaches in this professional day and age you don’t worry about what is going on in the following year, you just knuckle down each and every week.

“Its quite common nowadays for people to know someone is moving on from one club to another, but if its still that unsettling to some people I question whether they are the right people that will make it anyway in terms of being successful. Most of the players nowadays accept there are going to be transfers.”

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