Tony Clubb welcomes new signings Sam Tomkins and Willie Isa

Tony Clubb has welcomed new signings Sam Tomkins and Willie Isa to Wigan Warriors for the upcoming season.

The former England international has admitted that both have settled in well, and adds that the pair will add something to an already strong squad.

“I’ve played with Sam at England and I know it’s a big thing to have him back at Wigan,” Clubb told the official Wigan Warriors website.

“It was a big thing for the town and for Wigan for him to come back and it’s great to have a chance to play wth him week-in week-out. He’s top drawer, he’s a good player. You need players like that in your team and Sam brings something a bit different.”

Clubb also has been impressed with forward Willie Isa, who has joined the club from Widnes Vikings for 2016.

“I’ve played against him a few times and he’s a great guy, pretty quiet but he’s a strong, strong boy and pretty fit too,” he said. 

“He’s done well on the testing, he’s in good knick and good shape and I’m sure he’s going to fit in well.”

Clubb himself admits to working hard during pre-season, following post-season surgery on his arm.

“I had some floating bone in my arm and it would get stuck so I couldn’t bend my arm, I’ve had that sorted now so I can actually bend it,” he said.

“I played the full year with it last year, and it was starting to annoy me towards the end of the year, so I just had it cleaned out. It wasn’t too bad to play with, I don’t need to pass the ball, I’m a front-rower!” Clubb added.


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