Tomkins reveals real reason for Wigan return

Sam Tomkins says the desire to raise his first child at home was the main reason for his return from the NRL back to Wigan.

The 26-year old ended his contract with the New Zealand Warriors a year early to come back to Super League this season. His partner gave birth to their first child in December.

“Just as it was a good time to leave when I did it was a good time to come back again as well,’ Tomkins told The Daily Mail.

“The opportunity to return to Wigan was too good to miss and it meant we could raise the baby at home. Being a dad is good and I’m enjoying it, but it’s made my hair go grey and I’ve got bags under my eyes every day.

“People say ‘does it make you look at your career differently?’ but it doesn’t for me. I want to do the best I can but it’s not like all of a sudden it’s changed my mentality. The main thing is you realise how much spare time you had before.”

Tomkins said he loved his experience in NRL and has no regrets.

“A big thing for me was just experiencing something new,” he said.

“I’ve been in my comfort zone in Wigan forever, never living more than a mile and a half from my parents and going to 12,000 miles away.

“To be able to experience a completely different culture and way of life was what I really wanted. I could see the beach from my bedroom and every morning I’d go for a coffee on the beach rather than inside Starbucks.

“I felt at home really early on, made loads of friends and we’ve kept our house in Auckland so I’d hope to move back one day. The rugby was a challenge as well, the team weren’t top of the league like at Wigan and I wasn’t playing my best all the time so I hope I’ve developed as a person.”

Tomkins also said he would like to try rugby union in the future “if the opportunity came up”.

“My brother [Joel] went and enjoyed his time at Saracens,” he said.

“‘I’d like to give it a go at some point if the opportunity came up. Sam [Burgess] was in unfortunate circumstances and used as a scapegoat.

“The England team went poorly and you need to blame someone but it was not a bad reflection on him, it’s whoever picks the team. It doesn’t put me off.”

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