Tom Burgess hints at reasons for Sam’s return to RL

England prop Tom Burgess has given a strong hint that the treatment of his brother Sam by the English rugby union media has sparked his desire to return to rugby league.

Sam Burgess has reportedly told friends in the England rugby league camp that he has played his last game of rugby union.

The way in which some ill-informed sections of the rugby union media, and certain elements among the game’s spectators, treated the older Burgess brother after he played for the RFU team at the other code’s World Cup, seems to have irritated him.

He also implied that the scale of the disappointment suffered by the English rugby union public had contributed to the criticism his brother received.

“He’s new to Union and that’s probably why [he is getting the blame],” Tom Burgess told reporters.

“In my opinion – I’m no expert on Union – but I don’t think he did too much wrong in that World Cup.

“He’s enjoyed where he has been so far and he has enjoyed the experience but he is probably just a bit over some of the stick he has been getting.

“It’s a big talking point at the moment. [The World Cup] is a big tournament and they are very upset about the outcome so they are going to talk about it for years.

“Speaking truthfully, he was probably treated a bit unfairly in my opinion and that is probably what is pushing him away at the moment.”

Sam Burgess is reportedly considering his future at the moment, but a return to rugby league looks likely, with the sole obstacle now, according to some sources, being the size of the fee to be paid to release him from his contract at Bath RUFC.


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