Titans cleared of salary cap breach

After lengthy investigations, the NRL have ruled that allegations of a salary cap breach by Gold Coast are unfounded.

Builder Alex Simpson made claims last month that he was ordered by the club to build a $400,000 house for Titans captain Scott Prince for free.

But the NRL‘s salary cap auditors, who interviewed Simpson, Prince and Titans Chief Executive Michael Searle, have ruled that there is no case to answer.

“There appears to be no first hand evidence from anyone other than Mr Simpson to suggest that Scott Prince expected a house to be constructed free of charge. There has furthermore been no commencement of any construction work.

“The NRL will investigate any salary cap issues that are brought to its attention and our salary cap team has examined the matters raised by Mr Simpson in considerable detail.”

Scott Prince meanwhile, has lashed out at the allegations, which he says may have damaged his and the Titans’ reputation.

He said: “I was always confident that there was no case to answer – the NRL findings prove that. I am now left counting the cost of what this has done to the club’s and my good reputation.”

The Titans are due to hold a media conference tommorrow to discuss fully their position.

Searle added: “Right from the beginning when the allegations were first levelled at the club we welcomed the investigation. The Club, Scott Prince and his manager Steve Robinson and I are obviously pleased with the result and we look forward to addressing the matter more formally at tomorrow’s media conference.”

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