Thousands sign petition to remove Nigel Wood

A petition set up to show a vote of no confidence in RFL chief executive Nigel Wood has received more than 2500 signatures in two days.

Started by an unnamed supporter in light of the news reported in the League Express newspaper this week about Wood’s £314,000 salary, it also highlights a number of apparent failings under the chief’s tenure.

The damning statistics show, for instance, that player participation has decreased from 131,900 in 2007 to 44,900 in 2017.

It also mentions a variety of issues over the past decade, including the decline in Sport England money, standards of Super League, no win for England/Great Britain over Australia, ClubCall, the controversial Stobart Super League sponsorship deal and numerous changes to the game’s structure.

The petition states: “There are various sources of information during Mr Wood’s time as head of the game and highlights the choices that may have had a  negative impact on the game.

“If you think Mr Wood isn’t the right man for the job please sign the petition and lets send a message that the fans do not support him.”


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