The WCC cometh

I’m revelling in a much more accurate week of tipping, including another spot on pick for Leeds Bradford, I might just get away with making people believe I know what I’m talking about.

Unsprisingly though most of the talk this week has been about the World Club Challenge game on Sunday with St George banned from talking about the weather and seeming to actually talk a lot about the weather. They’ve also tried some daft tatic of playing down Wigan telling everyone how they don’t really know much about them but think they’ll be a good team. I find it hard to believe they won’t have checked out their opposition a little and it all seems a bit silly.

There’s plenty of talk about the value of the WCC game and personally I like it, it is however rather apparent that it appears to be a format that the Super League want more than the NRL and to give the game credibilty I think it really needs to be taken down under more often. But I’ll get my predictions off early and punt for a Wigan win here.

Rugby League also made it on to the infamous website failblog with this classic video of Tony De La Haras taking a tumble last season.



And with that tumble I’ll have my look at this weeks predictions in an attempt to boost my now 50% tipping accuracy.

Leeds 22 – 8 Harlequins – Quins away to Leeds? You won’t see many predictions on here giving Quins an away win this season and this certainly isn’t going to be the first.

St Helens 18 – 12 Warrington – Saints playing at home, oh no sorry they’re playing at Widnes whilst they finally get the ground in place that they should have had a decade ago, in fact there’s about the same distance for both teams to travel. This should be a tasty game and hopefully a highlight of the week after the WCC, a Saints win I think, but close.

Crusaders 22 – 12 Bradford – I’m not one for Bradford but I do think they’re looking like having a little bit of a better season this year. Crusaders though at home will be a tough challenge and they will certainly be looking to make it a hard place to come for any team.

Hudderfield 24 – 10 Hull FC – Huddersfield are another team who will be wanting to make it hard for travelling teams and make it tough to break them down at home. Widely tipped as decent play off bets and starting well I think they’ll prove to have too much for Hull.

Hull KR 30 – 8 Catalan – Is it Catalan with an s or not? I can’t remember but I can’t be bothered digging out some RFL notes but does it matter really? To continue my theme of the round I’m going for another home win, in fact all the picks are home wins this week, not a good one to be a travelling team.

Wakfield 24 – 10 Salford – Lastly to Wakefield where the team in turmoil will be looking to continue putting off the field issues out of everyones mind and increase the volume of calls for McRae to go at Salford and you guessed it home win here!


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