The right man for the job?

One of the names I thought wouldn't be the best choice for the Britain job was Tony Smith. I for one have always believed that a Briton should be in charge of Great Britain. Smith is not British and personally I don't rate him as much of a coach either. When he took over at Leeds I think he just picked up the great job that Darryl Powell did and continued the work. 

We have had a Aussie coach at Britain before and this time we should definitely have a Brit in charge. The RFL wanted a full-time coach who isn't tied down with club duties. But for the rest of the Smith will have these duties, so this defeats the purpose that the RFL set out at least for the rest of the year. 

I honestly can't see Smith taking GB forward. He will be like the last few GB coaches: he will take over from where the previous coach left off, we won't win any trophies, he'll get sacked, another coach will be appointed and the cycle will continue until we can find a coach who is British, good with players and knows how we can get in the same league as the Aussies. Unfortunately I can't see this happening for a long time unless we start paying attention to the international game. 

A 'shock win'? 

I've been talking to a few of my friends about the games this weekend. They told me that Catalans win was a shock. This season the games are getting closer and closer and many 'smaller' teams have defeated the bigger teams. The platform has been set for this season, it's going to be unpredictable so because of that are there going to any real shocks in Super League 12? 

Now every team in the league has lost at least 2 out of 7, which shows the unpredictability of super league. For me, the platform is set the only prediction for the rest of the season that I will make, is that the rest of the year will be unpredictable and I can't wait to see how it unfolds. 

Poor or just unlucky? 

Have Huddersfield this year been poor or just unlucky. They have had some hard fixtures to open Super League: playing St Helens, Bradford, Leeds and Hull in the first five rounds. But they have also played a poor Salford team and still failed to pick up a point. Unfortunately they are rock bottom five points adrift and the gap will start to open even wider. Huddersfield can say to themselves "We've played some hard teams" but they can't sit there licking their wounds forever.  

I fear that if they do not pick up any points after the Easter period they could be going back down to the National Leagues. That would be a kick in the teeth for their chances of getting a Super League franchise.

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