The Morning After: Toronto saga rumbles on, gutsy Wakefield and credit to Catalans

Tom Johnstone (2) of Wakefield Trinity denies Liam Farrell (12) of Wigan Warriors a try as he chases him down and flips him over

Toronto saga rumbles on

As Super League battles on, the on-field action is overshadowed by the ongoing situation surrounding Toronto Wolfpack.

Robert Elstone spoke to media at half-time of Warrington’s win over Catalans to provide more information on the Wolfpack, revealing that the bid submitted was “disappointing” and that prospective new owner Carlo LiVolsi had acknowledged it wasn’t good enough and asked for more time.

Initial Toronto bid “disappointing” says Elstone as Wolfpack given more time to convince Super League

There are those that blindly support the Toronto bid no matter what, but their approach ahead of this particular meeting has been the wrong one. They are in some ways fortunate that they’ve been given another chance to get the bid put together appropriately.

No real clue was given as to which way the vote will eventually land – nobody knows what the plan is or what’s going to happen – and you could probably assess Super League in general like that, not just Toronto.

Gutsy Wakefield

Chris Chester has copped some flak in recent weeks, and he has argued that Wakefield were missing a leader for their ship.

Well, in comes Jacob Miller, and they put up a real fight against Wigan, with a performance that deserved more than they ended up with.

REPORT: Wigan 28-16 Wakefield: Warriors break Trinity resolve to keep pace at the top

It’s important that even with little to play for on the pitch, that the clubs at the bottom end of the table do enough to keep their fans engaged and inspired, especially with the increasing battle to ensure that when crowds can return, whenever that be, people still want to do so and haven’t found something else to spend their time or money on.

Although they lost, the application and attitude they showed will have gone some way to appeasing fans disappointed by recent displays – perhaps best reflected by the late chase down of Liam Farrell to deny a try when the game had already gone.

Credit to Catalans

Catalans deserve great credit for their efforts in ensuring that their Super League commitments have been fulfilled, not just last night, but in general.

They have had to invest considerably more money and effort in travelling to games, with just one home game in return so far.

Owner Bernard Guasch was bitterly disappointed by the Challenge Cup exit at Salford last week, when a cup run would have gone some way to providing a reward for the financial commitment made.

Coach Steve McNamara refused to use their eventful day travelling to England as an excuse for the 30-16 defeat to Warrington, even though arriving at Liverpool airport less than two hours before kick-off is as good a one as any.

Warrington 30-16 Catalans: Ninth straight win sends Wolves top

Maybe a second French team in Super League moving forward would be a nice boost for Catalans in growing the game.


  1. Treat ALL the SL clubs just like they are treating Toronto and then see how many clubs will be left struggling to meet the criteria.!!!!!
    And that’s after having extra shares of central payouts on top of their other payout, yet Toronto have taken NOTHING from the game, and given more back in their short life than “historical” clubs have in their entire existence.

  2. God forbid the Super League took decisive action and made a decision. It is a bold move to have Toronto in the Super League, but they have to be financially viable. It’s going to be an expensive proposition just with travelling costs, but for them to be signing top players, and not fulfilling their commitments to pay them, then what else is going to slide by the wayside? Yes, we have to expand, but we can’t have teams behaving like that. Why not look for expansion here, there’s interest in the Bath/Bristol area, but nothing happens, Leicester cane to nothing, Welsh teams scrape along in the lower leagues, London stubbornly fails to develop. What about a Scottish team, an Irish team, a second French team, prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union the Red Army had adopted League for it’s disciplined aggression and teamwork qualities. Why not try to resurrect that, plenty of Russian money here now. It just seems that Super League, the RFL, seem happy just to tick along, never ruffle the feathers of the RFU, and…just cling to a lacklustre existence.

    • Well written by Eric t Cat super league has a massive opportunity to grow it could be anything if managed right . The product of S L is fantastic there are some great teams in the champions league that should get a run in an expansion and also in France there are some teams that would be great for expanding the comp in a country that is logistically ready made for it . I am a big supporter of Toronto but I think the game should be grown at home first then tap into the French market sadly it seems that Toronto’s days are over

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