The fashionable end of Rugby League

Rugby League players are often known to have questionable tastes (pole dancing in the shed anyone?) and I am not about to claim that I am a king of fashion. Nor do I expect anyone to be taking the latest catwalk trends from under the floodlights in Wigan on a Saturday night but as I saw Josh Charnley running in an impressive trio of ties I couldn’t help but be distracted by his curly hair flopping around as he dove to put the ball down (See blurry screen grab attached). Maybe I’m out of touch but I’m pretty sure this is the worst hair cut of this season? Though I may be wrong.

As it says on the right of this post this blog is intended to be light hearted so lets keep it light – what are your rugby league fashion disasters? Who has sported a horror hair do over the years? Answers on a postcode – or in the comments at least – or via email to While we’re at it feel free to send in your rubbish look-a-likes and funny rugby league clips and pics and if you’re nice you’ll get your name mentioned here as well.

This will be a short post for the main reason it’s Saturday morning – I had intended to write this last night but ended up watching Leeds play Manly, and then reading all the excuses afterwards. All those who predicted a Manly win were soon backing up their predictions with calls of them being out of practice having not kicked off the season yet and struggling with the “disgraceful” pitch at Headingly. I did incidentally predict Manly by 6 and I’m going to go scrabbling around for excuses, if you’ve read this blog at any point over the years you’ll know my predictions are about as accurate as my goal kicking – I give it a try and occasionaly I get lucky. But well done to Leeds they played well, much better than they had against Wigan the week before, they certainly have a head for the big occasion.

Last weekends tipping was midly more successful than last night with a 4 out of 6 – Bradford and Leeds scuppering my tips this week. No one has yet managed a full magnificent seven either though admittedly only 6 fixture were played last week. 

This week though could look like this:

Catalans 28 – 8 Castleford

Huddersfield 24 – 16 Warrington

Bradford 8 – 28 Wigan

Hull FC 30 – 16 London

Hull KR 10 – 22 St Helens

Widnes 24 – 18 Salford


Most of the fixtures yet again could go either way, with it being so early in the season there isn’t much of an indicator of form and in all honesty a Widnes win is equally in hope as it is judgement.


But for this week that is it, enjoy your shortened Super League weekend and if you’re a Leeds fan enjoy the hangover that comes from the celebrations last night.

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