Tevita Pangai Jnr reveals why he deleted his social media accounts

Tonga star Tevita Pangai Jnr has come off social media after discovering he spent up to 12 hours a day on his phone last year.

The Brisbane Broncos powerhouse was spending excessive time on social media in 2018 and admitted he thought he was showing ‘a fake image’ of himself to the world.

He only uses his device for contacting family and friends now and believes he makes the most of life.

In an interview with NRL.com, Pangai said: “I am off all social media and off the internet.

“I took Safari off my phone as well and it has made my life a lot better. I think that last year I was putting forth a fake image on social media but not only that it was robbing me of valuable time.

“I had my screen time come up every Sunday and I was averaging 10 to 12 hours every day on my phone purely on social media or on the phone.

“I have gone old school and now it has dropped to two hours, and they are doing things that are worthy.”

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