Te’o opens up on code switch

Ben Te’o has revealed why he crossed codes and says rugby league players will be put off switching to rugby union because of the treatment to Sam Burgess.

Te’o left South Sydney in 2014 to join Irish side Leinster.

The 29-year old told The Guardian he left rugby league because he felt stale.

“I had become a bit bored playing rugby league in Australia because nothing really changed, facing the same clubs each season,” he said.

“I liked the lifestyle and the climate there but wanted to travel and Leinster gave me the opportunity.”

Te’o said he would have loved his former Souths teammate Sam Burgess to stay in the 15-man code.

“I spoke to Sam when he was at Bath, but when he went into camp with England, everything was bunkered down and I was not in contact with him,” he said.

“I was a bit surprised he went back so soon but I understand why. I would have loved him to stay.

“I have yet to have a proper chat with him but he perhaps felt he no longer had an international career.

“Your career is short and you have to be happy. If he felt he was not going to be considered in the position he wanted to play, what was the point?

“Some people love that he went back, those in union who seem to take against league.

“The two codes should work together because there are so many players who would be good in both.

“I grew up in New Zealand where no distinction was made and players will be put off by what happened to Sam, fearing they will be given a hard time.

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