Tansey: Our behaviour was unacceptable


Crusaders’ Jordan Tansey has stated that the behaviour of him and the six other players was unacceptable and has issued an apology.

Tansey and six other players were suspended by the club earlier this week after breaking the club’s code of conduct.

“I would like to say on behalf of all of the players who have been suspended, how sorry we are for our behaviour,” Tansey said.

“We realise that as professional sportsmen we are in a privileged position and we have a responsibility to set an example and act as role models. Sadly we fell way below those standards in our actions last week.”

“We have let down our fellow players, management, and most of all the fans who support us so loyally every week.” 

“We realise that our behaviour was unacceptable and we fully accept the disciplinary action taken by the club.”

“We have formally apologised to our team mates and all the coaching staff, and wanted to take this opportunity to do exactly the same to the Crusaders supporters.” 

“We will ensure that there is no repeat of this and we hope you will all come on down and support the team, just as we will be doing this weekend.”


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