Tales from Tour: Dec Sheridan enjoyed Fiji experience after suffering mild sunstroke

Dave Parkinson
Rochdale Mayfield player Dec Sheridan pulled on a Test jersey for the BARLA Lions earlier this month after suffering a little when he first arrived in Fiji.
After taking full part in the first two training sessions with the squad, Sheridan was sun-burned badly and had to sit out the first tour game against West Fiji after showing mild effects of sunstroke, but then played against an Australian Affiliated States side when he recovered.
“I’m not too bad now and the shoulders are alright!” he said.
“I’ve acclimatised now. It took time getting used to this warm weather. It’s very humid when you are training and the conditions are tough.
“I was buzzing for the game, especially being against Australia, these are the games you want to play in. I’d never played against an Australian side before.”
Regarding his previous touring experience, the 21-year old said: “I’d never been on tour with BARLA before but I’ve played for Lancashire at Under-19s and Open Age, also for the English Lions where I toured Canada and played in the Commonwealth nines tournament held in Australia.”
Dec is touring Fiji with his club team-mate Aidy Gleeson.
“He’s my father figure!” he added. “Aidy doesn’t drink and he proper looks after me.”
Regarding Rochdale Mayfield’s 2018 season, Sheridan said: “It was quite disappointing really, but we managed to stay in the division.
“I know we’ve since lost our coach but we should be at least mid-table in that division.
“I’m hoping that the experience I’m getting here can help the guys at home.”