Swinton snub dual-registration for independent future

Swinton, one of the most prolific users of the controversial dual-registration system, are to go it alone in 2015.

The likes of Lee Briers, Adrian Morley and Paul Wood all turned out for the Lions from parent club Warrington, while several of the Wolves youngsters have featured.

Following their relegation to the new look League One, coach John Duffy is now building a squad to earn an immediate return to the Championship, with Wigan forward Jordan James the latest addition.

Club Director Steve Wild told the club’s official website: “Our involvement with dual registration in recent seasons was necessary given the club’s circumstances at the time, but if we’re to be serious about reviving the fortunes of this great club we needed to take a different but bold path. 

“The upshot is a united club – a squad of players who share exactly the same objectives and whose only loyalty is to Swinton. We see the signing of Jordan James as further vindication that we intend to do well next season. 

“As a club we’re moving forward in a carefully structured manner, and we’re increasingly confident that the team of players and coaches we’ve assembled will now translate this off-field purpose into great results on the pitch. But what we also need is for new and old friends to support us in our ambition by boosting our home crowds.”

Swinton have also moved home grounds in the off-season, swapping the Leigh Sports Village for a return to Park Lane in Whitefield.

Chairman John Roddy added: “The Board of Directors and John Duffy took the decision to be independent and self-sufficient, hence the size of our squad which includes a good mix of both experience and youth. 


“We believe that our supporters can see the positive changes that we’re making, as there’s a real appetite from them to be part of what we all hope will be a successful 2015 campaign”.

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