Swinton Lions – A Fan’s View

To finish off the latest Fan’s View section I spoke to the legendary Swinton Lions’ supporter Spelly to get his view, from a team not involved in the process, on what may, and should, happen this coming Tuesday. Watch out for more Fan’s View events coming soon.nnWhat do you think of the teams’ bids?nWe’ve only got what Sky have said, plus the (shed-loads of) bravado from all and sundry, about the bid submitted by my/our club (whoever my / our club might be!nnWho do you think the RFL will choose?nI can’t see any of the current twelve already in the top echelon not getting in, but who will be the other two dining at Rugby League’s top table next season? That’s a lot more difficult!nnI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m not convinced that the Toulouse bid is dead in the water, and would not be the least bit surprised if they got the nod. The fact Widnes have been in admin, will not help their bid, and much as I hope I’m wrong, I reckon McRae’s Mob will be smiling come 22 July!nnDo you agree with the whole process?nI was against Summer RL when it was first mooted, but I love it now, so ask me the same question in a couple of years!nnWho would you like to see get a franchise?nI’ve no objection to any of the current twelve being there, and if I had my way, I’d have either the Celts or Toulouse (for expansion) and Widnes (because I like ’em) to make up the fourteen!nnWhat do you think will happen to the teams that don’t get in? nThree years without promotion and relegation will feel like stagnation (and a lifetime!) for the clubs who miss out, but it’s up to them during that time, to try and prove the RFL were wrong not to select them! It’s easy to sulk, even easier to moan, but I hope that whoever is not selected, accept that the decisions are for the benefit of the game we all love so much!n nFor the rest of us poor relations does promotion and relegation, to and from, NL1 to NL2, remain un-altered? I can’t see why not?n nRugby League has been my life for about 47 years. It is the greatest game on the planet, and whoever ends up where next term, and the one after, and the one, etc, I’ll still be there watching it!nnFinney’s Final Thought: I have really enjoyed hearing the views from members of each club and to be fair every team argues a good case. A number of teams will be disappointed on Tuesday 22nd July and there are bound to be repercussions. Everyday my opinion changes on who will get the nod. If only the RFL had given us a little more information on how the judgement will be made? I believe that it is too early for Celtic, or Toulouse, to be given a place. They cannot be stronger than any of the existing bids from outside, and inside, Super League. I think a Welsh team would be a disaster and end any hopes for future expansion. They need more time to develop. 2012 would be an ideal time to expand. I think any two from Widnes, Salford and Leigh would benefit the Super League.nnOther questions that the RFL need to ask are can we afford the luxury of two teams in Hull? How does that fit into the expansion plans? Do we need two sides under the same council umbrella fighting for new stadia in the case of Castleford and Wakefield? Can we give Salford a licence for their stadium before it is built? Do they have the support? Are Widnes, despite the massive investment and new owner, still a financial risk? Do we need to have a balanced Lancashire and Yorkshire make-up? There are many questions the RFL need to think about beyond the task of looking at the individual teams’ bids. I just hope we can trust them to make the right decision for the good of the game.

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