Super Saints


Since Daniel Anderson has joined Saints as coach in 2005. He made one major change to the Saints side: their defence. Saints boast the best defensive record in the Super League and maybe except for a couple of games they have been consistently brilliant all season.

St Helens have restricted Leeds to scoring four points and fourteen points, Hull to scoring no points and four twice, Warrington and Salford both to ten and have put on many more great defensive efforts. And again in the Grand Final this is what won them the match.

Paul Wellens and Jamie Lyon put on a brilliant tackle on Raynor early on to deny a try. This is an example of the kind of defence Saints have produced. This has allowed Paul Wellens to play to the best of his ability. He produced at least two more stunning try saving tackles in that match and deserved the Harry Sunderland, and the Man of Steel awards.

Now on to the World Club Challenge. Brisbane have threatened to put out a weakened team out in the World Club Challenge against St Helens so they don't pick up any injuries. But this just shows that really this match does not decide who the best team in the world really is – which completely defeats the object of the match. It's sad but the Aussies no longer care about that Challenge.

They don't care for two reasons. They don't want to travel the long distance to England and their frightened of picking up injuries for the NRL season. So unfortunately it may have to be cancelled.