Super League to return without scrums as RFL confirm rule changes

The RFL has confirmed that Super League will restart without scrums when the competition resumes in August.

The RFL board has ratified a host of rule changes to combat the coronavirus impact when Super League resumes next month.

Super League will also adopt the six again rule also ushered in by the NRL, where the bulk of ruck infringements are penalised by restarting the tackle count and not a penalty.

The RFL board has also delayed a decision on whether to restart the Championship and League 1 campaigns.

RFL chair Simon Johnson said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has presented all sports with immense challenges.

“We continue to work through these challenges in rugby league, and our approach throughout has been to consider the interests of all our member clubs, and of the game as a whole.

“That is why we have been keen to communicate and consult as often as possible – and that consultation has revealed a wide range of opinions.

“After our meeting today, we are confirming some significant changes to the way the game will be played on the field when rugby league resumes next month – which we believe are important and necessary to prioritise the welfare of players, and the success of the season when it resumes.”

The Super League is due to resume on August 2, and RFL chiefs have now set a deadline of July 23 on whether to restart the lower two divisions.

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  1. There is mention that some players may not take a pay cut and this is putting the start of the change to grid iron in jeopardy.
    10%of something is better than 100% of nothing, yet they cannot see that because their actions could make their positions untenable. The game relies on TV revenue and it’s not as if there is a long queue at the door for the broadcast rights or a big pile of money to go with it.

  2. The scrums are a wast of time anyway in the modern game No Pushing, No Swinging Hooker, No Striking, No real nothing to be honest, In the old days a scrum was 50/50 now its more 10/90 waist of time in my oppinion !

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